The first referral center of Barcelona specialized in Veterinary Rehabilitation.

We are veterinary rehabilitators:

Post-surgical recovery

Cruciate ligament rupture (extracapsular techniques, TTA, TPLO …), elbow / arthroscopy surgery, patellar luxation, arthroplasty or hip replacement, traumatic fractures, partial or complete arthrodesis.

Musculoskeletal lesions

Tendinopathy of m. supraspinatus, tendinopathy of m. biceps, medial shoulder instability, carpal hyperextension grade I-II, conservative management of cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation grade I-II, hip and elbow dysplasia, myopathy of m. gracilis, fibrotic contracture of m. quadriceps, tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon.

Neurological lesions

Post-surgical and conservative management of herniated discs (SLOT, hemilaminectomies, fenestration, etc …), spinal stabilization, chronic disc protrusions, Wobbler syndrome, vertebral subluxations, syringomyelia, neuropathies.

Degenerative diseases

Chronic joint degeneration (osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, elbow), degenerative myelopathy, degenerative lumbosacral stenosis…

Impaired mobility and/or secondary pain

Fibrocartilaginous thromboembolism in dogs, feline aortic thromboembolism, immunocomplex deposition due to leishmaniosis/ehrlichiosis, Neospora spp.infection, cerebellar hypoplasia, swimmer syndrome, agenesis and/or aplasia …

Healing problems

With laser we can help to the management of wound closure, treat multirresistant bacteria otitis, cure gingivostomatitis in cats…

Are you a VET and would you like to refer us a case?

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Why doing rehabilitation?

Our mission is to return as much as possible the locomotive capacities to the patient and improve its quality of life

CRAR BCN, senior rehabilitation
CRAR BCN, cat rehabilitation
CRAR BCN, senior rehabilitation
CRAR BCN, sport rehabilitation

Relieves acute and chronic pain

Reduce post-surgical recovery time

Improves the quality of life of senior animals

Decreases the need for drug treatment

Can prevent injuries and recurrences

Increases the success of managing overweight patients

Improves the performance of the sportive or working dogs

Helps the improvement in behaviour disorders


Massage techniques and manual therapy

Kinetiks and neuro-motor control

Hydrotherapy – Underwater treadmill

Capacitive-Resistive Monopolar Radiofrequency
(INDIBA Animal Health)

Laser therapy (K-Laser)

Acupuncture and electroanalgesia

Pulsed electromagnetic fields

Sports and Growth Medicine

Orthopaedics devices & Customized 3D braces

Way of working

Personalized Rehabilitation Plan

The PATIENT, the OWNER and the CIRCUMSTANCES of the moment must be taken into account when carrying out the rehabilitation plan.

That’s why we perform:

  • Clinic history
  • Environment analysis
  • Diet assessment
  • Functional questionnaires
  • Posture evaluation
  • Evaluation of movement and gait pattern
  • Palpation diagnosis
  • Veterinary, neurological and orthopaedic physical exam.

thanks to these data we set the OBJECTIVES to comply with the collaboration of the owner.

Acording to the therapies chosen
in the rehabilitacion plan, the duration and frequency f the sessions can vary.


Our center is fully enabled so that all pets with mobility problems can move easily.
Discover our underwater treadmill hydrotherapy area, where animals can recover their muscles mass without joint impact.

The center has a large gym area to exercise different muscle groups and work the proprioception.
In addition, we have a quiet and noise-free space, where animals can receive physical and manual therapy treatments without distractions.

MARINA GONZALO - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation and Acupuncture.


Veterinary Surgeon
Manager of CRAR BCN

MARINA GONZALO - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation and Acupuncture.


Veterinary Surgeon

MARINA GONZALO - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation and Acupuncture.


Veterinary nurse

Referrer Service

If you are interested in being a referral center or wish to send us a case, contact us and we will provide you with all the information.

We want to be a reliable complement for all those hospitals, clinics and veterinary facilities that require a rehab service for their patients, without fear of losing the client, because we do not offer any other service outside our specialty. Thus, we also advise those veterinary rehabilitators who need a second opinion or need to refer a case to make a specific therapy.

How does the referral service work?


  • We receive from you the historyand all the testsperformed (x-rays, labs performed…)
  • We do a case study and get in touch with your center.
  • We met with the owner, and after the first functional assessment visit and already established the rehabilitation plan, you will receive a copy.Weekly, we will inform you of the evolution of the patient, always being available for any consultation.

Are you a VET and would you like to refer us a case?

Fill out the attached form or call us!

CRAR BCN, cat rehabilitation

CRAR BCN is also for you…

Do you want to take care of your pet completely?

Are you worried that your senior pet doesn’t have a good quality of life?
Do you want him/her to recover as quickly as possible from an injury or surgery?
Does his/her have pain and would you like to give him/her less drugs?

… From CRAR we will coordinate with your veterinarian to assess your case together and look for the best therapeutic combination.

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