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MARINA GONZALO - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation and Acupuncture.


Veterinarian expert in Rehabilitation and Acupuncture of Small animals. Co-founder and director of the center.
UAB veterinary graduate (2015). Master in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of Small Animals at the UCM and certified by IVAS Spain in Veterinary Acupuncture (2018). Postgraduate in Management Development from EUNCET (2022).
Speaker at numerous national and international talks for veterinarians on veterinary rehabilitation and how to improve quality in veterinary referral.
She is passionate about neurorehabilitation and movement therapy to optimize outcomes for her patients, as well as developing leadership and well-being competencies for human resources.

EVA VIDAL - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation.


Veterinarian expert in veterinary rehabilitation and chiropractic.
Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the UAB in 2017 and subsequently completed the Internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery in 2018. Postgraduate in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Small Animals at Improve Veterinary Education and is accredited in Animal Chiropractic by AEVEFI since 2022. since 2021.

She has collaborated with Argos magazine and has been a speaker in training for veterinarians.

Her areas of interest are manual therapies, managing the quality of life of senior patients and inpatient rehabilitation, as well as disseminating information about the specialty and its importance in veterinary medicine.

EVA VIDAL - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation.


Veterinarian expert in rehabilitation and acupuncture of small animals.

She graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2008 from the De la Salle University of Colombia.

She began her career in rehabilitation in 2009 with the CEMV school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has carried out several studies in neural therapy in 2014 in Colombia and Argentina. In 2021 he took the small animal rehabilitation course at FORVET, Madrid.

She’s a speaker at rehabilitation courses for veterinarians.
Her main areas of interest are in pain management, manual therapies and movement.

EVA VIDAL - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation.


Rehabilitative veterinarian.
Graduated from Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid (2016). Certified in Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation by Animal Health Academy Dogs in motion, Austràlia (2021).

She is currently studying the Postgraduate Degree in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy by Improve Veterinary Education 2023-2024. She is studying Basics and Introduction to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at EMVI.
Her areas of interest involve the use of hydrotherapy in the control of pain and inflammation and her ability to restore functionality.

EVA VIDAL - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation.


Veterinary assistant specialized in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

She is responsible for training stays and customer service support. She has been part of the CRAR team since 2020.

She Collaboration with IFEVET Streaming as a speaker in online courses for ATV since 2023.

Constant interest in practical and useful training in the areas of veterinary traumatology, neurology and geriatrics.

Veterinary nurse specialized in physical therapy.


Veterinary nurse specialized in physical therapy.
She has dedicated part of her training to numerous stays in reference hospitals such as ATV.

Her passion for helping animals led her to do an internship at CRAR and she has been part of their team since 2023.

Her areas of interest are active and manual kinesitherapy techniques.

EVA VIDAL - Veterinary surgeon specialized in Small Animal Rehabilitation.


Veterinary nurse specialized in physical therapy.
She trained as an ATV at HV Montjuic and has a postgraduate degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation from Improve Veterinary Education (2023). A journalist by training, her vocation to help led her to the field of veterinary rehabilitation.
Her main objective is to contribute to the relief of pain and improve the quality of life of the animals, dedicating great effort to obtaining a pleasant and well-being environment during sessions with patients.

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